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Dual LED Curing light (Light Curing Unit)
Dental Blue & White LED

Aluminum External Case

  • Improve the durability by using aluminum metal as body external case
  • Titanium color which is matched with metal material

Apply OLED display and glass window

  • Easy to check light curing mode by applying OLED
  • Window of glass material has strong chemical resistance and is easy to clean

Use large capacity lithium ion battery (2,850 mAh)

  • Enable to use light curing more than 1,200 times (3 second-turbo mode)

Manufactured in Korea

  • Developed and produced in Korea
  • Convenient A/S

Optic fiber guide tip

  • Diameter 8Ø (8-8mm),
    Enable to light curing of diverse size teeth
  • As a replacement type,
    it is easy to clean and replace

Apply white LED light (7,500 Lux)

  • Oral light function by using white LED (7,500 Lux)
  • Crack Check

Maximum output 2,000 mW/cm2

  • Apply 7W Blue Dental LED
    Maximum output 2,000 mW/cm2
  • Wavelength Range 430 ~ 4900 nm

Light Curing Menu Button

  • Intuitive button layout and
    Rubber material that is easy to clean

6 types of light curing mode

  • · Enable to select conveniently only the main mode in the Selection Mode
Light Curing Unit 모드 6가지

Product Configuration

Product Specification

Operation voltage (Charging cradle) DC 5V
Battery 3.65V Lithium-ion 2,850mAh
Charging time 3 Hours
Curing light source 7W Dental Blue LED
Wave length range 430nm ~ 490nm (Peak 460mm)
Curing light output 2000mW/㎠ ± 10% (Turbo 3sec)
Dental light Source White Chip LED
Dental light output 7,500 Lux ± 10%
Dim. of hand piece 240 x 27 x 27 mm
Weight of hand piece 148g
Dia. of Glass fiber optic light guide Diametar 8∅, 8-8mm