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Advanced Wireless LED Curing light (Light Curing Unit)
Wireless LED Curing Light

  • User-oriented ergonomic design
  • Aluminum metal case (Titan/Black)
  • Apply OLED display and glass window
  • 180° swivel head design
  • Plaque check function
  • 13 light curing modes
    (calibration mode, 1 second Xtra, 3 seconds Xtra, etc.)
  • Plasma grade high powered (3,000 mW/cm2)
  • Apply broadband (Multiple Wavelength)
  • Large capacity lithium ion battery (2,850 mAh)

180° swivel head design

  • 180° swivel head structure
  • Convenient for maxilliary and submaxillary light curing

Light curing menu button

  • R button Ready Button, Plaque check light on/off function
  • S button Shoot Button, light curing on/off function
  • M button Light curing mode selection/setting function

Apply OLED display and glass window

  • It is easy to check the light curing mode /light curing unit condition by applying OLED
  • Improve the durability and is easy to clean by using glass window

Use large capacity lithium ion battery (2,850 mAh)

  • Use 2,850 mAh large capacity lithium ion battery
  • Enable to light curing more than 1,800 times
    (3,000 ㎽/㎠, based on 3 seconds extra mode)

Battery recharging system

  • Recharging cradle that recharging is possible
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Plaque check function

  • Check the plaque by using Blue LED (407 nm) and glass filter
  • Convenient for treatment/consultation with real-time plaque check
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Sight protection shield

Apply broadband
(Multiple Wavelength)

  • Wide range wavelengths : 385 ~ 515nm
  • Peak wavelength: 405/440/465nm

13 light curing modes

  • 1) 13 diverse light curing modes with different use/output
  • 2) convenient calibration modes (3,000 ㎽/㎠, 3 seconds x 6 times/10 times)
  • 3) Quick Xtra mode (3,000 ㎽/㎠, 1 second / 3 seconds)
  • 4) In "Select Mode" only, the injection mode can be conveniently selected.
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Product Configuration


Product Specification

Charging voltage(Charging cradle) DC 5V
Battery 3.65V Lithium-ion 2,850mAh
Charging time 3 Hours
Curing light source 10W Dental Broadband LED
Wave length range 385 ~ 515nm (Peak 405/440/465nm)
Curing light output 3000㎽/㎠ ±10%
Plaque detection source 407nm Blue Chip LED
Wavelength of plaque detection 407nm
Dimension of hand piece 228 x 28 x 28 mm
Dimension of charging cradle 88 x 106 x 80 mm
Weight of hand piece 170g
Weight of charging cradle 207g