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Noblesse · E Light Curing Unit

Aluminum External Case
OLED Display and Glass Window
Apply White LED Light (7,500 Lux)
Replacement Glassfiberoptic light guide

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Noblesse · A Light Curing Unit

Plasma Grade High Output(3000mW/㎠)
CNC Processed Aluminum External Case
Plaque Check Function
Broadband Light Curing Unit

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Noblesse Light Curing Unit

Highly Durable Aluminum Alloy Case
Apply White LED for Oral Lighting (20,000 Lux)
180°Swivel Head Design
Efficient Light Curing of Dual Lens System

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Bonida Dual Alpha
Oral camera

Patented Dual Lens Camera
Sharp HD class Image
Auto-Focus Function
Slim design of aluminum head design

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Noblesse E Light Curing Unit

Since white LED is applied beside Blue LED, not only the lighting curing but also oral light function is possible, and the highly durable aluminum external case and OLED display and glass window, which have excellent visibility, are used. In addition, it is the cost-effective domestic light curing product applied with large capacity lithium battery of 2600 mAh and replaceable and washable 8mm and 3mm optical guide.